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Latest blog – 2020

How is it nearly March already? And we’re at the start of Lent which means that Easter must be around the corner. Not that I have given anything up. In fact I seem to be taking things up instead! The spring holds a bunch of concerts as colourful as crocuses, from Bach’s Mass in B Minor, to a St... Read more

Latest news

Coronavirus cancellations

Owing to the coronavirus emergency, my forthcoming concerts and appearances have been cancelled. Please check in for updates, or follow on Twitter ad on the FB page. And above all: please, everyone, stay safe, and follow the guidelines. ‘Music is the silence between the notes’ - let’s hope that this silence doesn’t last too long. xx

Teaching and video coaching

Elin offers online one-to-one coaching and teaching, via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Working together, we will focus on technique, stylistic elements, interpretation and performance wellbeing. For more information on rates, dates and times and to discuss possibilities, head to Elin’s YouTube channel,... Read more

Royal Wedding reunion!

March 2020 sees Elin reunite with renowned trumpet David Blackadder, and organist Luke Bond, with whom she sang at the Royal Wedding only two years ago. The performers will be bringing a programme of music composed for royal weddings through the ages, with the Petros Singers conducted by Richard... Read more